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Hi lovely,

I’m Ashley

A writer and educator.

I’m also trained as a meditation teacher and a life coach.

And I believe your insights, strengths and talents are essential to the creation of a thriving future.

It’s why my life, and this site, are dedicated to helping you unlock your fullest potential and help to  create a better world.



Get the Love You Deserve

You deserve to have love and happiness in a relationship. 

You don’t need to change yourself to have love that lasts. 

But you do have to be willing to take an honest look at who you are, embrace what makes you a desirable partner and unlearn popular misconceptions about what a healthy, happy relationship looks like.

This workbook will cover all this and so much more

Plus you’ll get some free coaching to support you on your journey.


Visualization Training

Free Visualization Training

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Services Offered

Life Coaching

As a holistic life coach for women, I can help you get what you most want in life, in the most efficient way possible. Years of experience has taught me that lasting transformation does not have to take a long time. 

The style of coaching I practice will guide you through a process which goes to the heart of everything you need to transform your life.

You'll end each session, not just inspired, not just motivated but with practical, actionable insights to create the change you wish to see in your life.

Send me an email with the subject ‘Coaching’ so we can schedule your your first session.


Workshops create spaces to get focused and intentional around a specific topic and can maximize and accelerate changes we wish to see in our lives.

My training as a life-coach, and years of implementing these processes in my own life, helps me break down even the biggest goals into clear, actionable steps so that participants can have a plan to reach their next level.

Workshops can (and should) be customized to fit the needs of you and your group.

If you’re interested in partnering with me for your next workshop, send an email with the subject ‘Workshop.’

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Online Programs

Each of my online programs will take you through a step by step process to transform your life. 

My online programs will be right for you if you’re ready to do the work needed to transform your life without spending thousands of dollars on one on one coaching or therapy.

By the end of each training you would up-level almost every area of your life- your mindset, your beliefs, your habits, your communication, and even your relationships. You can get started risk free with my FREE Visualization Training right here.

Ready to create the life you deserve?