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Attention Business Owners: Learn How to Grow Your Business On Instagram

Are you a small business owner who wants to learn how to make Instagram actually work in today’s noisy online marketing world?

Or are you an entrepreneur, coach or consultant ready to put yourself out there but don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on video marketing (yet)?

Or are you an aspiring entrepreneur who wants to learn how to effectively use Instagram so you can get clients ASAP

In this step-by-step mini-training, Ashley will teach you exactly how to use Reels to attract your target audience and convert views into actual paying customers.

Lights, Camera, Action!

It sounds simple,

But it’s not.

And you know it…

There’s a lot to learn about Instagram Reels, it’s not just about hitting record…

There’s also navigating the interface, audio, text, transitions, editing, effects, plus knowing what videos you should be creating… the list goes on and on

But don’t worry, 

I’ve created just the thing to teach you all of it


This Reels for Business training takes the anxiety and overwhelm out of video marketing on Instagram.

I’ve broken down everything you need to know in a step-by-step process that’s easy to follow, and we’ll be walking through it together so that you can feel confident in creating and sharing your Reels.

So Why Do You Need To Know How To Create Reels?

In 2020 our world changed. 

The global pandemic was devastating for many of us. 

Not just in the tragic loss of life, but in the way it forced us to be inside and away from our loved ones. 

It’s no surprise that our screen time increased dramatically.

And it’s also no surprise that TikTok exploded into a culture changing phenomenon

Because when you think about it, it makes sense…

There was so much anxiety and uncertainty in the world that people craved short bursts of entertainment and escapism.

Platforms like Instagram were quick to jump on to short-form video with Reels.

And since then, they’ve only continued to give more and more priority to Reels.

So in order to continue growing your business on Instagram, you need to learn how to use Reels in a way that makes sense for your business, your unique brand and your specific target customers. 

That’s exactly what you’ll learn in this mini-training!

Don’t Worry, I Know You’re A Busy Business Owner…

As an entrepreneur myself, I know exactly how overwhelming it can be to try to figure this out

Which is why this program will be perfect for you even if-

  • You don’t have any video skills
  • You don’t have time to learn complicated editing programs
  • You can’t afford to hire a video editor
  • You can’t commit to a long-term program

So The Next Question Is- How?

How can you use Reels to grow your business without wasting hours filming and editing, or feeling overwhelmed trying to keep up with all the trends and challenges?

Here’s how…

  • By knowing what Reels to create to position yourself as an authority in your industry
  • By understanding what Reels will resonate with your target audience
  • By cultivating the confidence you need to feel comfortable with video
  • By using Reels to develop a brand your customers can trust
  • By filming and editing high-quality videos on your phone
  • By finding a system to batch film so that you don’t waste time and energy

I’m sharing everything you need to know to help you use Reels to grow your business..

Here’s What’s Included…

Reels for Business Training_ Program Visuals

VIDEO TRAININGS – 10 short videos that take you step by step through the process to create and edit your reels. These videos are concise and digestible. Valued at 10 @ $300 = $3,000

REELS IDEAS – Over 140 Reels Ideas for product and service based business – Valued at $300


ONE-ON-ONE COACHING – If you apply now, you’ll get a one-on-one session so that we can ensure your Reels strategy makes sense for your business goals – $350

Bonus 1 – Elevate Exclusive: Create Reels Covers- Step-by-Step process to easily create covers for your Reels with Canva(from my Elevate Coaching Program) – $200

Bonus 2 – Elevate Exclusive: 3 Common Storytelling techniques you can use for your Reels (from my Elevate Coaching Program) – $200

Bonus 3 – Elevate Exclusive: InShot Tutorial to edit your Reels outside of Instagram (from my Elevate Coaching Program) – $200

Bonus 4 – Elevate Exclusive: 100+ Headline/Hook Templates to Create Scroll-Stopping Headlines (from my Elevate Coaching Program) – $200



Lifetime Access

You get lifetime access to this program and all additional bonus trainings! 

As Instagram continues to evolve, the kind of Reels you create will also evolve. Because of this I’ll continually update the training videos so that, at any point in time, you have the most relevant information.

Want More Info? Here’s the Training Breakdown…

Video 1: Your Reels Strategy – Learn the elements of an effective Reels strategy so that you know exactly what kinds of Reels you should be creating

Video 2: Take a Tour of Reels – Get comfortable will all aspects of the Reels interface so that you can use it with confidence

Video 3: Reels Audio – Learn how to add audio to your Reels. Plus I’ll share my favorite tips for choosing the right type of audio for your Reel.

Video 4: Reels TextLearn how to add text to your Reel at different times throughout the Reel so that you can create interest and engagement.

Video 5: Align Tool (on camera) – Learn one of the most common editing tools within Reels-  the Align tool. This video is great if you’re comfortable being on camera.

Video 6: Align Tool (off camera) – Learn how to use the align tool without showing your face. This is great for product based business owners as well as other business owners who don’t want to show their face.

Video 7: Stop-Motion Animation – After you’ve mastered the basics, this tutorial can teach you how to make simple but entertaining stop-motion videos using the InShot App

Video 8: Direct-to-Camera EditingLearn my top tips for filming and editing your direct-to-camera videos (like tips, insights or stories). 

Video 9: Reels Caption and Hashtags–  Learn about the captions and hashtags you should use with your Reel. Plus I’ll share my simple hashtag formula to make sure you’re targeting the right customers. 

Video 10: Your Reels Ideas – Get 147  Reels Ideas for product and service based businesses, plus my top resources so that you never run out of ideas

Meet Your Coach...

Hi, I’m Ashley, an entrepreneur and coach with 11 years experience in online marketing.

If you’ve been following me for a while you know that I believe short-form videos, like Reels and TikTok aren’t just another trend, it’s a shift in culture.

But in the past few months, I’ve seen so many amazing, big-hearted entrepreneurs struggling to use short-form videos in their businesses.

That’s the reason I’ve put together this short training – to take the overwhelm and confusion out of using Instagram Reels to grow your business.

It would be my honor to have you join this program so that I can share what I’ve learned with you.

Ashley Caron Marketing Coach

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I’ve never made a Reel?

That’s totally fine! This training is very beginner-friendly. The first part of the training starts with a tour of Reels so that even if you’ve never made a Reel, you can start feeling comfortable with the feature. 

I’m not good with technology! Will this still work?

Yes! All of the training videos and bonuses were designed in a very step-by-step way. There are images and videos to show you exactly where you need to tap to help you create your Reel with ease.

Do you have a payment plan?

No, there’s no payment plan for this training because it was priced to be affordable and accessible.

If you’d like to be considered for a scholarship, please email me at with the subject SCHOLARSHIP. You can share a bit about your business and why you should be considered for a scholarship. You should also share a link to your Instagram account so that I can ensure this program will be a good fit for you. 

Is this live or can I go at my own pace?

You can absolutely go at your own pace.You control the pace of this training so feel free to take your time or speed it up.  Even though you do have access to coaching and support, this is not a live training program. While you do have 30 days after signing up to schedule your one-on-one session, you have lifetime email and message support.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Because of the nature of this digital product there isn’t a money back guarantee right now. But if you send an email  to, we can schedule a one-on-one session so that I can provide you with the support you need to grow your business with Reels. 

What if I need more support?

Because you have lifetime access to this training you can feel free to send me an email or message with your questions or concerns. If your question or concern can’t be addressed via email or message, we will then schedule a short Zoom call to ensure that you can move forward with confidence.

Got A Question That’s Not Answered Here?

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