Hey! I'm Ashley, an entrepreneur and educator with over 10 years experience in online marketing.

I truly believe that every single person, whether they start a business or not, has gifts, talents and life lessons that the world needs. That’s why the mission of my life, my business and this site is to help you create the life you deserve. 

My desire to build a business that is rooted in serving women comes from my own experiences-

As someone who grew up in poverty I know how hopeless it can feel to want to create a better life but have no opportunity to do so.

As a survivor of sexual assault I know how exhausting it is to live with pain and trauma, and I know how much energy it steals from every area of life. 

That’s why everything I share, my free content and resources, my book and my other services, are all created to be of highest service to you. 

And it’s why my company, Impact Marketing, is not only focused on creating immense value for our customers, but for our communities, our country and the world.

Impact Marketing TT is a socially conscious company that specializes in helping female entrepreneurs start and grow their business. 

The programs and services provided by Impact combines 11 years corporate experience in business and marketing with the step-by-step approach of coaching to produce major transformation, results and profit for our clients. 

Each of our products and services includes one-on-one coaching sessions so that you always know you’re supported in your entrepreneurial journey. 

At least 10% of our profit is committed to NGOs in Trinidad and Tobago to help them better serve the women and girls of our country. By working with us you’re not only building a better business, you’re literally changing lives and building a better world.

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