17 Businesses Caribbean Women Can Start With No Money

So you’re an ambitious Caribbean woman who’s always dreamed of starting a business. The problem is you don’t have any money.

That probably means you can’t do anything right?


Here are 17 businesses you can start with no money.

Before we get started I just want to say please don’t worry about this being one of those lists that include things like being an Uber-driver.

It’s not.

Because I know that

  1. Not all Caribbean countries have those services and
  2. Not every job is safe for women. I know from my own experiences that violence against women is unfortunately a very real problem in many Caribbean countries.


The options below are presented with your specific needs as a Caribbean woman in mind. Most of them only require a computer, phone and the internet to start.

Let’s dive in…

Sell your skills and expertise

  • Freelance writer– many large and medium businesses have blogs and social media profiles that they need written content for.
  • Paid reviewer – travel and tourist websites like trinigo.com pay people to write honest reviews. See what options are available in your country.
  • Online tutoring – Passed math or English in cxc? Know how to play an instrument or speak a foreign language? Great! There are parents desperate for trustworthy people to help tutor their kids.
  • Consult or provide services in an area you have experience – worked the past 5 or 10 years in Admin, Sales or some other highly specialized area? There are small and medium businesses that are struggling with these exact things.
  • Host a paid workshop, webinar or zoom class – this is the related to the last point. But having a paid workshop or webinar is a great way to test demand for your services before you dive in.

Start an online business

  • Become a virtual assistant – Help overwhelmed brands, business and freelancers make their lives easier by responding to emails, social media comments, formatting documents all from the comfort of your own home.
  • Format resumes, forms and other documents – Many people don’t know how to (or don’t want to) format documents for official purposes.
  • Manage social media accounts –While the pandemic has forced businesses online, many businesses owners don’t know where to start when it comes to selling on social media. With a few free courses from hubspotacademy.com you can be the answer to their dreams.
  • Create content for social media – Related to the point above but you don’t have to do the actual posting. You can batch create content on canva.com, send it to them and they’ll do all the posting and engaging.
  • Learn about drop-shipping in your country – Drop-shipping is when you set up an online store or social media page but you don’t actually keep the product in stock. After a customer orders through you, you can then order it from a third party, like amazon, and they will deliver directly to the customer.

Other businesses

  • Professional organizer – like to have everything in a specific place? Monetize it. Become a professional organizer for homes and businesses.  
  • Event planner – plan events on and offline
  • Data entry services for companies – Many companies don’t have data entry systems in place. When it’s time to file taxes they’re often overwhelmed and confused. Spend one day a month at each company for monthly fee
  • Start on online thrift store on Facebook marketplace – selling products online has never been easier. Create your own page or join already established ones and sell your used clothes, accessories, kitchen items, etc. if you have a car you can add extra fees for delivery
  • Start a used books store on Facebook marketplace – selling used books – text books, story books, etc., is so valuable right now. Many parents just can’t afford to buy new books. If you have old text books, a used book store is a great way to solve a problem for many families.
  • Run an errand service– This one requires a vehicle but it’s so valuable to individuals and businesses alike.
  • Group tours or hikes– If you’re an outdoorsy person and you know an area really well you can sell group hikes or tours. I’d recommend that you do this one with a friend or partner for safety purposes.

Found a business idea but not sure where to start?

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