Human beings are social creatures. 

We need connection.

But during this quarantine period many of us are separated from the people and experiences that make us feel connected.

In the post below I share five ways we can feel connected while practicing social distancing.

These five things will never replace the value of face to face connection but if we do at least one each day, it will help us to feel connected and supported during this time.

The first thing we can do is to check in with loved ones regularly. At least once a day.

We want to hold space to have meaningful conversations.

We want to allow each other to be really honest about the anxiety and anything else that we might be feeling right now.

stay connected

The second way to feel more connected is to spend time connecting more deeply with the people you have to be with during this lockdown situation.

Use this time as an opportunity to go deeper.

Talk, play games, cook, dance and do so many more things you would not have done otherwise.

The third way to have connection during times of physical distancing is to think about what you’d be doing if you weren’t in this situation.

Would you be having tea with friends? Going to the movies together? Going out for lunch?

Then use technology to recreate a version of this.

Make your favorite cup of tea and video call your best friend. It’s not ideal but at least to have some variety and connection during this time.

The fourth way is to show kindness to people in your community who might need your support.

Find out If there are elderly people in your neighborhood who can’t go to the grocery and offer to pick up a few things on your next trip there.

If you know of anyone living alone maybe you can call them and talk to them. Find out how they’re doing. If they’re ok.

Being of service can help us all to feel more hopeful and connected about this situation.


The fifth way to feel connected is to improve your connection with your own body.

Move, stretch, try to do some deep breathing.

Try to be near a tree or a plant.

Allow yourself to feel your connection to your breath, your body and the other living things around you.

If you found this post helpful and you’d like to learn more about taking care of yourself during the Coronavirus Pandemic, check out my previous post here.