Picture this:

You wake up excited to get out of bed… 

Excited to get to your work, your family, your friends… excited to get on your yoga mat, excited to go for a short walk, to drink your favorite  tea or coffee.

You know that these are all parts of what makes a good life, a life fueled by purpose.

But most of us aren’t there yet.

Most of us are still playing small.

Most of us are still making excuses, still blaming others, still shrinking in the face of opportunities.

Most of us are still afraid.

Afraid that if we own our purpose, we might be too big for our lives.

Afraid that we might turn into someone we don’t like. 

Someone conceited… showy… arrogant.

But one of my favorite books, A Course in Miracles, reminds us that it’s actually arrogant to diminish our power. 

I talk more about why the Course said this, and a simple reminder to own our power, in the video below.

I know there’s a lot more to talk about on this topic, including our mindset and the limiting beliefs we’ve adopted.

And I’ll definitely  be addressing those in upcoming posts.

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