“I hope you get raped again.” 

That was one of the messages I received after speaking publicly about being raped.

A year before that message would’ve broken me. 

I would’ve either been crying hysterically in tears or arguing angrily with someone who was determined to  hate me. 

But that day I just rolled my eyes and reported it to the platform. 

It was so easy for me to do this largely because of a simple technique I learned from Brene Brown’s amazing book Daring Greatly.

This technique is called a Squad Square. 

And it’s been life changing for me.

Literally. Life. Changing.

I think it’ll be helpful to you too.

Because we all come into contact with people who are toxic, negative, and in my case, downright hostile.

And if we were to let all those voices in we’d probably be paralyzed by fear and overwhelm. But if we blocked out all the voices in our world, we’d cut ourselves off from genuine connection and helpful feedback. 

What we need is a filter. 

One we can use to decide whose opinion is allowed into our hearts and whose isn’t. And that’s exactly what creating a Squad Square does.

Check out the video below to how to create your own Squad Square: 

The Two Exceptions I Mentioned in the Video Are:

  1. People who are thriving in an area of life you’d like to thrive in also- so these are people like mentors, inspirational role models, experts in their industry… basically someone who’ve proven themselves by going through a process that’s in alignment with your values to get an outcome you desire.
  2. Sometimes a person on your list might have feedback on a certain subject that you know is not in alignment with your values. For example, my mom’s on my list. But she has really traditional opinions on relationships and gender roles that I would honestly never even consider.

So give yourself permission to be flexible. 

The point of this is to get clarity on the people whose opinions matter, and more importantly, whose doesn’t so that you can focus on what truly matters in life.

Be sure to let me know if you try it!