A lot of people say we shouldn’t look back in life, that we’re wasting time if we do.

While we definitely don’t want to live in our past, there’s so much value in looking back. We get to see how far we’ve come, how much we’ve been through, how much we’ve learned. 

In the video below I share the most important advice I’d give to my younger self, my twenty year old self.

My life was overflowing with anxiety and uncertainty at twenty years old. Every time I thought about my future I would become paralyzed with fear. 

I knew I had potential. 

I knew I wanted a life different from the ones around me.

I knew I could do so much more with my life than just work and party.

But the fear I felt made me feel trapped.

So I did what so many of us do-

I ignored it.

I turned to tv, alcohol, men and partying to avoid the fear and uncertainty.

Which is why the most important advice I’d give to my younger self has to do with embracing that fear, leaning in to that uncertainty. 

Yes, it’s scary. 

But it’s not as scary as being stuck.

It’s not as scary as never honoring our potential.

It’s not as scary as never knowing what would happened if we just try.

Our experiences can be our greatest teachers. 

And we can find wisdom in even the worst circumstances if we pause to reflect on what we’ve been through.

So watch the video below. And then let me know about the advice you’d give to your younger self. You never know who might be inspired by your life’s wisdom.