Goals are important.

Mindset is important.

Motivation is important.

But there’s something missing from all of these, something we don’t really talk about in the personal development space, something that’s as essential to our happiness and fulfillment as all the above.

The thing that’s missing is Surrender.

“What?” you might be thinking “I just have to give up on my goals and dreams and wait for something to happen?”

Absolutely not! 

Surrender isn’t resignation. It’s not defeat. It’s not laziness. 

Surrender is the simple wisdom of flowing with life instead of opposing it.

It’s an internal shift in our own perception from the stress of hustle, hustle, hustle, to the ease of alignment.

It doesn’t mean we don’t work. It means we work with reverence for the process and not over-attachment to a specific outcome.

Surrender is the living from the place within us which cannot be impacted by the world around us.

It’s allowing our lives to be guided by a power far greater than our own.

It’s our journey back to our true Self-

A journey without distance from our head to our heart.