One of the most frequent questions I get asked is “How can you have a healthy relationship after trauma.”

The most important thing I did

Was to free myself 

Of the unrealistic expectation

That I had to be completely healed

To be worthy of lasting love.

Our relationships have the potential to be

Conduits for our healing

Vessels for our growth

Hospitals for our heart.

If we let them,

Our relationships will allow us to see 

Where we’re still wounded

While celebrating our growth and our healing.

But we have to be honest

With ourselves and our partners

About where we are in our healing journey

And what we need. 

Because only then will our relationships be

Less about two incomplete people

Searching in vain for completion in each other.

And more about

Two complete, authentic, 

Beautifully messy individuals

Learning, healing and 

Rising in love together. 

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